Lady Grace

Alchemy | velvet, leg in bronze and resin
  • Sedia
  • Salvioni Design Solution
  • 2018
Product features:

Handmade armchair with a wood frame covered with polyurethane foam padding and upholstered with 100% cotton velvet.
Different techniques have been used to create this unconventional jewel armchair, like including a handmade, one of a kind carved polish bronze leg. 100% Made in Italy.
Limited edition of 9 pieces, numbered and signed by the artist.

Arts and Techniques:

Joinery, carving, upholstery.
100% Handmade.

Materials and finishes:

Polished brass, 100% cotton velvet, brass. Non removable cover.

Product options:

Limited edition of 9 pieces.


The armchair is available in different colors. Silk velvet upholstery available with an extra charge.
Legs in: Brass, bronze or cooper.

Clean and Care:

Clean fabric by vacuuming or using a soft brush.
Maintain textiles by keeping them away from direct sunlight. Rotate and flip the cushions when vacuuming to ensure even wear. We recommend light steaming to maintain the velvet pile to its original height. The fabric should also be brushed regularly with a de-linting brush. Water based or solvent cleaners will cause discolouration and staining. Textiles should be cleaned professionally.

Lady Grace
Lady Grace
Lady Grace
Lady Grace